Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Staples, you say? Yes! Staples!

Want to go somewhere and find hot pink desk chairs, Muppet backpacks or zebra print power strips? Look no further than Staples, my darlings! STAPLES.
There are some seriously cool things in there! 
For "cheap"! Eloise and I stopped in the other day to have something bound, and happily browsed around for awhile.
They've been touting back-to-school items for sometime now, but, we loved some of the finds!

Why, hello adorable french poodle USB hub! 
I love you! Especially for $10.00.

Here's that pink chair I mentioned. Even the legs are sleek and shiny. $39.99? Not bad at all!

More angel/devil style USB cuteness for $7.00.

We've all seen the black stiletto, but how fabulous is the pink heeled tape dispenser?! Also $7.00.

Power strips are ugly. True story. Why not make yours zebra, and, not ugly?

These hightop style change purses caught Eloise's eye...

And, last, and never least... to know me is to know of my love of all things Muppet. 
The piece de resistance:

This was difficult not to bring home with us. At $19.99, there's still a chance it might find it's way into our lives.

Happy Stapling!