Saturday, June 25, 2011

Simply, Saturday. Simply, Wonderful.

My daughter Eloise is now 7, but one of my proudest moments as a parent was when she was 6 and I overheard this conversation with her younger cousin:

Cousin: Let's play Princesses. You can be the Prince.
Eloise: No, I want to be a Princess, too...
Cousin: But, I want to dance at the ball and I need to dance with a Prince! Someone has to be the Prince...
Eloise: No, no you don't have to dance with a Prince...
 Don't you know that two Princesses can dance together? Just like two girls can love each other and get married?

 All Ellie had ever known was that she had many same sex couples around her in committed, loving relationships. In her eyes, they were, and are, for all intents and purposes, married. Well, now, my sweet girl will know that is really, truly, true.
Princesses can marry Princesses. And, Princes can marry Princes. 
And, good gracious, what utterly chandelierious weddings those will be!

I love New York.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Simply, Sunday...

Happy Father's Day! 
I am one of three girls, so, including my Mom, my Dad had to "put up" with being surrounded by four woman at all times. Oh, poor Bob was so outnumbered... Even our dogs have always been girls. But, he's never breathed a complaint. He adores his girls (including his many nieces, great nieces and especially his granddaughter, Eloise) and to this day, having us all in one place at one time, is his "happy place."  
About a year and a half ago my youngest sister, Samantha, was expecting her first child.  A girl, naturally...for that seems to be what this family makes: GIRLS. Lo and behold, the universe had other plans and we got the surprise of a lifetime when out came a beautiful baby boy. Vincent, the first little man in a very long streak of little ladies. Today, Father's Day, I am simply going to share a picture of my sweet Daddy, holding his first grandson, because it's divine. My dad is divine. Thank you, Dad...

P.S. Chandelierious will be back with more soon! I am in the process of moving, hence the quiet. But, goodness knows this move will be inspiring and I will have plenty to say!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Simply, Sunday...

I think you'll see a lot of posts in the future about simplicity...
Of course, that's not to say that I don't enjoy fancy. On the contrary. You can take the girl out of the "fancy", but you can't take the fancy out of the girl. Nope.
For a variety of reasons, I just downgraded my cell phone from smartphone to a more "basic" one. One that actually has buttons...that you actually press to dial. Imagine that... My smartphone had given me problems for a long time. The touch screen was, well, touchy. And, among other things, it would freeze up when I tried to dial a number or answer a call. (What's the point of a phone you can't actually answer?) Also, it was $50.00 more a month than the one I just switched to.
It's only been a couple of days, but I find this simpler change refreshing. I have charged the battery only once as opposed to multiple times daily with the other phone. I've spent some time tweaking it: making the fonts more chandelierious, changing the wallpapers to suit me, choosing the rock guitar ring tone because that's how I roll...
 It's fun. So far, I don't really miss the internet access. I can still upload photos and status updates to Facebook. (You know, priorities...)
Sure, once the novelty of the new toy wears off, I might be jonesing for the old bells and whistles. I admit I can be a bit of a computer junkie. I would argue that anyone who writes a blog is a bit of one. Mind you, there is a huge difference between a computer junkie and a computer geek. Those are two completely different animals. The difference being, I have very little idea what I am doing, but, I like it here.
For now, simple is good. It's good for me.

           "Say hello to my little friend..." 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Umm, YES, PLEASE. Indeed, those are animal print hose sprayers and garden snippers. It's like the manufacturers made them just for me! I want one in every color to change them at will, like handbags and shoes!
Spotted at Marshalls. Go get yours if you want...
(Before I buy them all.)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Something Old to Something New

I was at one of my favorite antique malls recently, Liberty Hollow, and was tickled to see so many vendors selling recycled products. These things have been re-imagined into new, practical and utterly fabulous accessories! Take a look:

These record bowls are perfect for that table by the front door. You know, the one you throw your keys, loose change and mail on. In fact, I bought one for myself for that exact purpose. I don't know exactly how they are made, but I'd guess it's a simple combination of heat, a bowl and an old record. Great gift idea for a music lover, musician, eclectic decorator, or, well, anyone. They're cool and cheap (!) at $4.00 each!

The "eco-chic" handbags below, by Maggie Bags, are made from seat belts! Definitely visit their site and read up on how the company came to be. They offer everything from belts and wallets to cosmetic and hand bags. Prices range from about $20.00- $80.00.

I just love seeing creative and attractive ways to re-purpose otherwise ordinary, and most likely, wasted items. Great, green trend... goodie.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Simply, Sunday...

This is my nephew Vincent.  He's one. He's at Friendly's. He has the right idea don't you think? 

That's all.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Freaky Friday Fitness...

Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I'm a nerd stick addict.
Nerd sticks, you ask? Yes. Well, most people would refer to them as nordic walking poles. Think cross country skiing sans skis or snow. Silly looking? Dorky, even? Hence, my referring to them as "nerd sticks." But, I call them that with love. 
I'm no fitness junkie and I believe in moderation vs. dieting (except for today when there was no moderation in site as my friend and I ordered Chinese food for lunch and shared three large eclairs...yeah). But, I love walking. Some call it power walking, I call it walking with purpose. Maybe my time in N.Y.C. made me unusually fast, I don't know. But, for me it's not only exercise, it's therapy. Time to sort thoughts, plan plans, work through the things that challenge's something I need and feel just plain wrong without.
Well, the poles have added a new dimension to it. It's all hard core now. I get looks, sure. But, no one is gonna mess with the crazy stick lady after dark.
Do a little reading up on nordic walking if you're interested. Burning 45% more calories never hurt anyone and let me tell you, it's killer on your arms. 
I was pleased as punch to see this on my latest jaunt to Marshalls:

Hot pink nerd sticks! Yes! I guess I will have to change that nickname now that they are officially cool and available in sassy colors and patterns. Hmmm....sassy sticks? Maybe.
Have a wonderful weekend....