Monday, June 6, 2011

Something Old to Something New

I was at one of my favorite antique malls recently, Liberty Hollow, and was tickled to see so many vendors selling recycled products. These things have been re-imagined into new, practical and utterly fabulous accessories! Take a look:

These record bowls are perfect for that table by the front door. You know, the one you throw your keys, loose change and mail on. In fact, I bought one for myself for that exact purpose. I don't know exactly how they are made, but I'd guess it's a simple combination of heat, a bowl and an old record. Great gift idea for a music lover, musician, eclectic decorator, or, well, anyone. They're cool and cheap (!) at $4.00 each!

The "eco-chic" handbags below, by Maggie Bags, are made from seat belts! Definitely visit their site and read up on how the company came to be. They offer everything from belts and wallets to cosmetic and hand bags. Prices range from about $20.00- $80.00.

I just love seeing creative and attractive ways to re-purpose otherwise ordinary, and most likely, wasted items. Great, green trend... goodie.


  1. I love Liberty Hollow....I do that and Craft Antique Co-Op in one long day :)

    Love what you found!

  2. Me, too!!! Love them both. The Co-op is called Shops on the Ridge now.