Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tom Foolery!

As promised, here's the info on the new show (yay!)  at Blackfriars Theatre, "Tom Foolery". 

I had never heard of this revue style musical. 
I had also never heard the name Tom Lehrer. He is an American singer-songwriter, satirist, pianist and mathematician, best known for the humorous ditties that he recorded in the 1950's, 60's and early 70's.
This musical pays homage to those ditties.
If you enjoy Mel Brooks or the Smothers Brothers, you'll probably really like this! And, if you don't like them? You should come anyway and hear four people sing about smut and killing birds cabaret style. Good times!

If you want to familiarize yourself with Mr. Lehrer and his brand of humor, click here!
Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tips-y Tuesday

Here's today's tip! Take a look at these shops and websites!
More link love to share:

 FrenchFolly is a gorgeous Etsy store by my friend, Artistic Director of Blackfriars Theatre, Jack. This online store sells hand altered vintage finds and creations with a French flair. One of my favorites, which brings to mind my last post about letters and notes, is this vintage box.

Jack also has two booths in The Shops On West Ridge called A Horse With Wings, that sells "improbable, beautiful things" and Willowbend, that sells home and garden items.

My girlfriend Karley just reopened her Etsy shop, Loubirds Nest, after taking a short break to focus on other projects. Her lovely, handmade jewelry is back just in time for Holiday gift giving! I love these beautiful "Givre" earrings in her collection.

Also, why not check out Chandelierious on Pinterest! I am having a grand ol' time "pinning" home decor finds, recipes and Holiday decor ideas! Look at this tree! A slice of Chandelierious heaven.

Ellie and I are finishing up our Christmas decorating and will share it soon... 
I will also be sharing info on my latest theater endeavor: Tom Foolery!
In the meantime, Happy almost December!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Simply, Sunday...

Remember when getting mail actually meant getting a real, tangible, handwritten note delivered to your mailbox?
 I do. I long for those days of yore. 
I am still very much a fan of actual, USPS delivered mail.  I write thank you cards.  I send handwritten notes to loved ones "just because." 
Just because it's awesome and simple and puts a smile on someone's face. Emailing, texting and calling all have their time and place, but a personal note is a special gift that fully expresses genuine care and thought.
That all said, I love note cards. I have dozens upon dozens of them. They are such little pieces of art, and when filled with handwritten words of love, friendship, family, encouragement or support, they are priceless little pieces of art.
Look at these great note cards I spotted out and about this week:

My favorite colors and patterns at Hallmark!

Some great looking sets at Target:

Loving the monograms! That's something that will never go out of style!

A beautiful boxed set....

The Holidays are pretty much here. These, coupled with a book of stamps, would be a lovely gift idea...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eloise At The Plaza

When you name your daughter Eloise, it is sort of like breaking some unspoken, unwritten law NOT to provide her with the collection of "Eloise" books, by Kay Thompson:

The Eloise dolls by Madame Alexander:

(Even awesome designer Betsey Johnson has a thing for Eloise!)

Once she is old enough to truly appreciate the experience, take her to Manhattan, to The Plaza, to dine at the Palm Court and shop in the Eloise Store. 
My Eloise and I have done this a few times...
We just returned from a little weekend getaway where we, once again, got our "Eloise at the Plaza" on.  Here are some snippets from our little field trip to The Plaza.
Lunch in The Palm Court...

The Eloise Store and adorable trinkets:

Yes, I want everything. And no, I didn't buy it all. But, we did come home a purple tulle head band that looks like a cupcake sitting atop my daughter's head.

Let's wrap this up Liberace style with a real life Eloise playing "piano" in the store's perfectly over the top,  pink drenched theater.

I could so live there....

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tips-y Tuesday

Ellie and I are just back from the Dentist with a clean bill of health and some pearly whites. We feel quite sparkly, in fact! In the spirit of minty fresh sparkly-ness, today, Tips-y Tuesday is dental inspired. This is my favorite tooth product (aside from, you know, paste, brushes and floss, of course):

Ta-Dah! I swear by these Rembrandt strips. I have tried the other, bigger brand named ones and personally, I don't think they work nearly as well.  Once a day, for 30 minutes,  for 5 days....twice a year.
So, there's my silly two cents for today...
You can thank my Dentist for inspiring me.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Simply, Sunday...

Time is really beginning to fly....
And, so, it's time for Chandelierious to remind you that it's not only a blog, but a service.

And, during the impending rush of holiday, not only do I provide the basic home services, but also holiday shopping, decorating, and even wrapping!

Holidays should be enjoyable, not stressful. Joyful, not demanding. Those things on your check list that might have you in a panic? I can help! I'd love to help. I'm here to help. 
And, please, don't forget to tell your friends!
Enjoy this beautiful, sunny Sunday!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lush and Plush and... Yummy.

So, yes...
 I am having a love affair....
With my new fleece sheets. 
And, I think you should, too.
 I think you should run, not walk, to the store and get yourself some.

Doesn't that look ridiculous in the best of ways? 
I bought my full size set at Marshalls for $29.99. But, they are available almost everywhere: Overstock, JCPenney's, Walmart.... 
So far, they don't pill like flannel. They aren't overly warm, but perfectly toasty. (In other words, I don't wake up sweating.) My only issue is that it is extremely difficult to get out of bed. And on a weekend, with my laptop and coffee with me? All bets are off.