Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ho Ho Ho.....

Ho, ho, ho....
It's December 23rd.
Life is bustling.
Life is busy.
Life is mostly so very, very good.
Life can also be scary.
Our lives were all shaken recently. 
Regardless of whatever "side" of the political fence you're on. 
As human beings, with souls, we've collectively shared events that have shaken us.
I won't go into such events here. 
That's not the point of this little blog.
No. The point of this little blog is to say that I believe people are fundamentally good. 
I also believe that it's my responsibility to put good, loving, positive energy out into the world and hope it watch it grow. Plant the seed, if you will. 
I want to be that person. 
Or, as my friend Karen says, be the butterfly.
So, here's me flapping my little wings in attempt to spread holiday cheer, be it a holiday or not.
I just felt like sharing today. Sharing snippets of life that bring me joy...
Family. Work. Music. Food. Wine. Children.
I hope you take some time to really embrace the things that bring your (yes, your, with an "r.") joy, as well.
And, I hope you take some time to share it with the world.
Peace to you and yours.
Happy holidays!




This guy.

And, shoes. (why not?)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thrifty & Fabulous: Nailed it!

Here I am! 
Again I will say, it's been awhile.
Much has changed since my last post. I have indeed graduated from cosmetology school and begun work at a beautiful Spa (more on that sometime soon). I have also become an Aunt once again with the arrival of my nephew Judson, born on Eloise's birthday!
Life is good. Very, very good.
But, this post isn't about that. This particular post is supposed to be thrifty. And, fabulous!
Now that I am immersed into daily life as a nail technician, I thought something in that field might be apropos. Part of doing nails is, of course, nail art. In fact, that's one of my favorite things about this profession: getting to play and create mini "works of art".
Here are a some recent little projects...

One of the tools used to create the dots and small shapes above is a dotter. 
This is the set I have. They come in several sizes.

These aren't expensive. You can buy a 4 piece set online for less than $10.00. The thing is, you don't have to! You can create a your own dotting tool from items you already have at home.
A pencil with a pin stuck into the eraser will do the trick.

As will a toothpick.

The rounded end of a small paint brush...

Or, bobbypins!

Best yet, use all of these options to create different sizes. Can't get much more thrifty than free. And, nail art is rather fabulous if I do say so myself. (And, I do!)

Have fun! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oh, hello, stranger!

Announcement: Chandelierious has not dropped off the planet!!!!
Well, okay, maybe it did for awhile there. 
I generally follow the rule of if there's not much to say, and no time to say it, don't. 
So, yeah. That.
These last few months have been the busiest of my life. The abridged version: I did a complete 180 from pursuing a career in interior decorating services to becoming a full-time cosmetology student. I will always-always-always have passion for all things decor, and plan to enjoy working on projects here and there as they pop up. Certainly for myself, but also for friends or clients. But, soon my "9-5 days" will be spent in a salon or spa setting. And, I'm really psyched about that!
In 2 short weeks I will have graduated both the Waxing & Nail Specialty Programs at Shear Ego International School of Hair Design, and entered the world of making people feel beautiful and good about themselves with mani-pedi-love, while expressing myself creatively with nail art and enhancements, and satisfying my desire to connect with people and build loyal client relationships.
The last two months have been a whirlwind! School each day from 9-4pm, balancing being as present a mother/sister/aunt/daughter/friend/girlfriend/
student as possible, while also finding time to rehearse, open and close the musical [title of show].
Like everyone, that time had other ups and downs, and challenges, as well. But, we won't go into that. Suffice it to say, I am "back"! At least when inspiration hits and I feel like there is something to say. (I admit I'm rather wordy, so there's usually something to say!)                                                                   
At the moment, inspiring me are the changing leaves, the smell of Fall, pumpkins (and anything pumpkin flavored), my boyfriend's new house, my almost 9 year old daughter, my future career, the idea of truly starting over, the possibility of what's to come...
Many see Fall as depressing: the leaves falling off the trees, the weather getting colder and wetter, the light of day shorter... I never have. Fall has always moved me. Made me feel change, good change, in the air. And, there are some very, very good changes ahead!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

[title of post] is [title of show]

Oh, whoa.
August just wooshed right by there, didn't it?
Hello, September! 
Hello, "back to school", pencils, folders, 3-ring binders, school buses, and OPI rolling trunks filled with nail tech supplies (if you're me going to cosmetology school, that is)...
Hello, [title of show] the musical opening September 14th at Blackfriars Theatre!

                      (more on that in a moment.)

Writing a blog is a personal thing. Like life, it ebbs and flows. Sometimes you can't shut me up, and sometimes I am either a) too busy to write, or b) I have nothing to say, or c) both a and b.
Or.... It's summer and I'm simply summering... be it having a lazy day in the A.C. with Ellie, bebopping around Seabreeze Amusement Park, weekending in New Jersey, or rehearsing for a new musical.
Yes, a new musical: [title of show].
Yes, that's the title.
A musical about two guys writing a musical about two guys writing a musical.
If you live in or around the Rochester area and love musicals, and musicals about loving/writing musicals, I highly recommend it! Plus, I'm in it, so of course I will plug it incessantly. It's downright funny. And mildly naughty. Lot's of swearing; don't bring your kids. Though, I admit, Eloise has been to several rehearsals and survived, so, I digress.
"Ellie, don't say these words."
"Ok, mama."

Click here for a little tongue in cheek YouTube video we made that was inspired by the original cast's "infomercial" about the show. (And by inspired I mean copied completely, word for word.)

Hope you'll come!
In the meantime, please cherish these last few days of summer break.
I will probably disappear here for another stretch of time... but, I expect that once cosmetology school is well underway, the show is up and running, and my friends that have some decorating projects for me to help out with, I will be back in full chandelierious force!

Happy September!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Staples, you say? Yes! Staples!

Want to go somewhere and find hot pink desk chairs, Muppet backpacks or zebra print power strips? Look no further than Staples, my darlings! STAPLES.
There are some seriously cool things in there! 
For "cheap"! Eloise and I stopped in the other day to have something bound, and happily browsed around for awhile.
They've been touting back-to-school items for sometime now, but, we loved some of the finds!

Why, hello adorable french poodle USB hub! 
I love you! Especially for $10.00.

Here's that pink chair I mentioned. Even the legs are sleek and shiny. $39.99? Not bad at all!

More angel/devil style USB cuteness for $7.00.

We've all seen the black stiletto, but how fabulous is the pink heeled tape dispenser?! Also $7.00.

Power strips are ugly. True story. Why not make yours zebra, and, not ugly?

These hightop style change purses caught Eloise's eye...

And, last, and never least... to know me is to know of my love of all things Muppet. 
The piece de resistance:

This was difficult not to bring home with us. At $19.99, there's still a chance it might find it's way into our lives.

Happy Stapling!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Simply, Saturday: Spotted!

Two sassy discoveries to share on this, well, sassy Saturday.
#1. Nerd alert!!!!!!!!

Yes!!! Love these! I found them at Target. They incorporate a few hot trends: neon, metallics, and, geeks. 
Right on.

#2.  AUDREY.....oh, Audrey....

(There's a little Marilyn thrown in there for good measure!)
These wall hangings were a fun find at The Icing, of all places!

Friday, July 6, 2012

We're Back!

The holiday is over... no more parades or fireworks. Alas, the 4th of July is now behind us.
Hopefully, we all still have plenty of cook-outs, corn on the cob and watermelon to look forward to this summer! But, those of us looking for something new to plan might wonder: Now what?
Go to the theater!!!!
There are always so many great things to see during the summer. And, what better way to spend an hour or two on a scorching hot day than in an air-conditioned theater, being entertained by some of Rochester's (or, wherever you happen to be) finest?
Locally, I recommend:
The JCC CenterStage's production of one of my favorite musicals: Spring Awakening, opening on July 14th. 
Blackfriars Theatre's staging of the late, great Nora Ephron's play Love, Loss and What I Wore, opening July 13th.
And, opening this weekend on July 8th, also at Blackfriars, Tom Foolery, a collection of smart and silly tunes by Tom Lehrer, which, oh yeah, I happen to be in!