Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ho Ho Ho.....

Ho, ho, ho....
It's December 23rd.
Life is bustling.
Life is busy.
Life is mostly so very, very good.
Life can also be scary.
Our lives were all shaken recently. 
Regardless of whatever "side" of the political fence you're on. 
As human beings, with souls, we've collectively shared events that have shaken us.
I won't go into such events here. 
That's not the point of this little blog.
No. The point of this little blog is to say that I believe people are fundamentally good. 
I also believe that it's my responsibility to put good, loving, positive energy out into the world and hope it watch it grow. Plant the seed, if you will. 
I want to be that person. 
Or, as my friend Karen says, be the butterfly.
So, here's me flapping my little wings in attempt to spread holiday cheer, be it a holiday or not.
I just felt like sharing today. Sharing snippets of life that bring me joy...
Family. Work. Music. Food. Wine. Children.
I hope you take some time to really embrace the things that bring your (yes, your, with an "r.") joy, as well.
And, I hope you take some time to share it with the world.
Peace to you and yours.
Happy holidays!




This guy.

And, shoes. (why not?)

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