Sunday, September 2, 2012

[title of post] is [title of show]

Oh, whoa.
August just wooshed right by there, didn't it?
Hello, September! 
Hello, "back to school", pencils, folders, 3-ring binders, school buses, and OPI rolling trunks filled with nail tech supplies (if you're me going to cosmetology school, that is)...
Hello, [title of show] the musical opening September 14th at Blackfriars Theatre!

                      (more on that in a moment.)

Writing a blog is a personal thing. Like life, it ebbs and flows. Sometimes you can't shut me up, and sometimes I am either a) too busy to write, or b) I have nothing to say, or c) both a and b.
Or.... It's summer and I'm simply summering... be it having a lazy day in the A.C. with Ellie, bebopping around Seabreeze Amusement Park, weekending in New Jersey, or rehearsing for a new musical.
Yes, a new musical: [title of show].
Yes, that's the title.
A musical about two guys writing a musical about two guys writing a musical.
If you live in or around the Rochester area and love musicals, and musicals about loving/writing musicals, I highly recommend it! Plus, I'm in it, so of course I will plug it incessantly. It's downright funny. And mildly naughty. Lot's of swearing; don't bring your kids. Though, I admit, Eloise has been to several rehearsals and survived, so, I digress.
"Ellie, don't say these words."
"Ok, mama."

Click here for a little tongue in cheek YouTube video we made that was inspired by the original cast's "infomercial" about the show. (And by inspired I mean copied completely, word for word.)

Hope you'll come!
In the meantime, please cherish these last few days of summer break.
I will probably disappear here for another stretch of time... but, I expect that once cosmetology school is well underway, the show is up and running, and my friends that have some decorating projects for me to help out with, I will be back in full chandelierious force!

Happy September!

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