Sunday, November 27, 2011

Simply, Sunday...

Remember when getting mail actually meant getting a real, tangible, handwritten note delivered to your mailbox?
 I do. I long for those days of yore. 
I am still very much a fan of actual, USPS delivered mail.  I write thank you cards.  I send handwritten notes to loved ones "just because." 
Just because it's awesome and simple and puts a smile on someone's face. Emailing, texting and calling all have their time and place, but a personal note is a special gift that fully expresses genuine care and thought.
That all said, I love note cards. I have dozens upon dozens of them. They are such little pieces of art, and when filled with handwritten words of love, friendship, family, encouragement or support, they are priceless little pieces of art.
Look at these great note cards I spotted out and about this week:

My favorite colors and patterns at Hallmark!

Some great looking sets at Target:

Loving the monograms! That's something that will never go out of style!

A beautiful boxed set....

The Holidays are pretty much here. These, coupled with a book of stamps, would be a lovely gift idea...

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  1. Yes. I agree completely. And I have a very important letter to write to a very important person. Maybe I'll even make the card myself...with love, and all of those other things you mentioned.... : )