Sunday, June 19, 2011

Simply, Sunday...

Happy Father's Day! 
I am one of three girls, so, including my Mom, my Dad had to "put up" with being surrounded by four woman at all times. Oh, poor Bob was so outnumbered... Even our dogs have always been girls. But, he's never breathed a complaint. He adores his girls (including his many nieces, great nieces and especially his granddaughter, Eloise) and to this day, having us all in one place at one time, is his "happy place."  
About a year and a half ago my youngest sister, Samantha, was expecting her first child.  A girl, naturally...for that seems to be what this family makes: GIRLS. Lo and behold, the universe had other plans and we got the surprise of a lifetime when out came a beautiful baby boy. Vincent, the first little man in a very long streak of little ladies. Today, Father's Day, I am simply going to share a picture of my sweet Daddy, holding his first grandson, because it's divine. My dad is divine. Thank you, Dad...

P.S. Chandelierious will be back with more soon! I am in the process of moving, hence the quiet. But, goodness knows this move will be inspiring and I will have plenty to say!

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