Saturday, June 25, 2011

Simply, Saturday. Simply, Wonderful.

My daughter Eloise is now 7, but one of my proudest moments as a parent was when she was 6 and I overheard this conversation with her younger cousin:

Cousin: Let's play Princesses. You can be the Prince.
Eloise: No, I want to be a Princess, too...
Cousin: But, I want to dance at the ball and I need to dance with a Prince! Someone has to be the Prince...
Eloise: No, no you don't have to dance with a Prince...
 Don't you know that two Princesses can dance together? Just like two girls can love each other and get married?

 All Ellie had ever known was that she had many same sex couples around her in committed, loving relationships. In her eyes, they were, and are, for all intents and purposes, married. Well, now, my sweet girl will know that is really, truly, true.
Princesses can marry Princesses. And, Princes can marry Princes. 
And, good gracious, what utterly chandelierious weddings those will be!

I love New York.

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