Saturday, July 2, 2011

Simply, Saturday

There's an event, happening today, that was shared with me on facebook recently and a good friend suggested I share it here. (Props, to you!) What could be more simple and wonderful than a shake on a simple Saturday?
Mike Gamache, the event creator, said it best, so I will just link to the event and copy his words:

Milkshake Day  For Cancer Awareness & Support

July 2nd

Description: Wherever you are in the world, all you have to do is go to your favorite ice cream shop and enjoy your favorite milkshake. Its that simple. Go by yourself, your family, your friends, whatever - the only requirement is to drink a milkshake! If you like the idea, tell your family and friends as well.

History: My name is Mike and my Dad fought cancer for almost 4 years before it ultimately took him away from us. For him it started out as bladder cancer, but due to a few unfortunate turns in the road, it ended up spreading to his upper chest. At that time he was too weak for chemo, so his doctors tried to keep that tumor at bay with radiation, hoping that it would buy him some time. A result of the radiation was a terrible sore throat, so when he was ultimately send home on hospice, all he really wanted to eat was ice cream and milkshakes - we figured "why not?" at least he was getting some calories! That particular summer was bittersweet, knowing that we were losing him, but the time spent together was priceless. As part of our routine, we would get in the car and take him to various shops/stores that milkshakes, and he would rate them in order of preference. He became a milkshake connoisseur! After he passed away, my family and I wanted to do something annually to celebrate his zest for life, and we came up with Milkshake Day.

Legacy: This started as a simple, personal tribute to someone we cared very deeply about, but over the years, more and more people have wanted to participate. For most, we're not really looking for Milkshake Day to be a tribute to my Dad (as it is for us), rather we hope that on this day, everyone takes a moment, enjoys a milkshake, and just thinks about people they know and care about who have been affected by cancer. Perhaps someone personally dealing with this disease will be driving around that day and see someone else drinking a milkshake, and know that they are not alone. We hope Milkshake Day can be used as a personal tribute and that people affected can enjoy a few moments, wrapped in the support of people that care.

Ok, my locals, here are some perfectly palatable places to get your milkshake on today:

Cheeburger Cheeburger in Charlotte has an almost endless variety and even allow you to "design" your own flavor!

Abbott's. Any location. We live in Rochester, enough said.

Last, but not least, Friendly's...who doesn't love a Fribble? (Especially strawberry or vanilla.) Yum.

Mouth watering yet? 
Go! Go get your cancer ass kicking milkshake on. Happy Holiday Weekend!!

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