Friday, June 3, 2011

Freaky Friday Fitness...

Hi, my name is Elizabeth and I'm a nerd stick addict.
Nerd sticks, you ask? Yes. Well, most people would refer to them as nordic walking poles. Think cross country skiing sans skis or snow. Silly looking? Dorky, even? Hence, my referring to them as "nerd sticks." But, I call them that with love. 
I'm no fitness junkie and I believe in moderation vs. dieting (except for today when there was no moderation in site as my friend and I ordered Chinese food for lunch and shared three large eclairs...yeah). But, I love walking. Some call it power walking, I call it walking with purpose. Maybe my time in N.Y.C. made me unusually fast, I don't know. But, for me it's not only exercise, it's therapy. Time to sort thoughts, plan plans, work through the things that challenge's something I need and feel just plain wrong without.
Well, the poles have added a new dimension to it. It's all hard core now. I get looks, sure. But, no one is gonna mess with the crazy stick lady after dark.
Do a little reading up on nordic walking if you're interested. Burning 45% more calories never hurt anyone and let me tell you, it's killer on your arms. 
I was pleased as punch to see this on my latest jaunt to Marshalls:

Hot pink nerd sticks! Yes! I guess I will have to change that nickname now that they are officially cool and available in sassy colors and patterns. Hmmm....sassy sticks? Maybe.
Have a wonderful weekend....

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