Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tee hee hee...

On my last visit to my happy place ( N.Y.C.) I spied a "new" trend lining the street vendors. Tin signs. The vintage inspired, metal wall hangings that replicate old coffee or ice cream ads, for example.
Of course, they have been around a long time, but there was a plethora out there recently.  Some of them were just too funny and perfect not to document. Take a look:

They make me giggle, what can I say? These ones were available for about $10.00 a piece on the street. But, I have seen some, though not quite as sarcastic, around local stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, The Christmas Tree Shop and Hobby Lobby for under $20.00. They are perfect for a kitchen, home office or small space like a mud room. While great on their own, a collection covering a wall would be quite the witty decorating statement.
Again, I will say: life is short. And, silly's awesome. I like me some silly.

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