Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Got The Time?

J'adore clocks. Always have.  I find the look of them and the mechanics of them fascinating. Especially, skeleton clocks, ones that have the inner mechanisms exposed. That's a thing of beauty. Clocks are a terrific and extremely easy way to add some classic decor to your world. So simple. A single time piece is lovely and purposeful. But imagine a collection, sitting together. Like these pocket watches above from Pottery Barn...a grouping of three makes something nice something fantastic.
But why stop at three? Take a look at what a large, varied collection does on a wall.
This? Is divine. Classic, eclectic and absolutely stunning. 

How easy would this be to make your room stand out from every other living room, office, den or dining room? Mix it up with new and old pieces. No need to spend a lot of money either...(shhh, I've seen similar items at any of the big "marts".)
Here are two of my favorite time pieces from my personal collection. The first was one I found at the Salvation Army for $3.99. I white washed it and hung it right up in the dining room where it's happily lived for 9 years. 

 This one, I found at Pier 1.  A large, "vintage" pocket watch that I knew would fit perfectly in our guest room. A room filled with antique photos of loved ones and my great grandmother's furniture.

 Time pieces are an ideal way to add something lovely to your home. Practical, functional, useful....and yes, beautiful. Even, chandelierious.
Tick tock.


  1. Love this post! Your dining room clock is perfect for the look of that room. $3.99? Unbelievable! I may have to try that wall collection idea. Keep those suggestions coming, Elizabeth... you're a natural designer through and through!