Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fantastical Fuschia

I'm in the mood to talk colors these days. Maybe it's the twinkling lights and festively colored ornaments adorning this season inspiring me...I don't know. But, no matter. Let's talk color! 
Today? Feisty, femme fatale, fashionable and fierce fuchsia. This color isn't for the wall flower. Or, then again, perhaps it could be. This shade is daring and certainly says something about the person selecting it. Whether a pillow, a curtain panel, a single flower or an entire wall, this raspberry hue is quite an expression of it's choser's personality. In a word: Sassy. I love it.
Let's celebrate sassy!
Let's start with something tame and seasonal like these shiny, fantastic ornaments. They look like a bunch of juicy berries!

Or, if you feel like this shade is a little too "young" for you personally, but love the idea of it in a child's room, check out these darlingly chic chairs from

Feeling especially daring? Try doing an entire room in this berry color! Maybe not a living room or dining room, but a smaller space like a walk in closet or bathroom would be divine. Sherwin Williams Cerise #6580 fits the bill, perfectly.

And you didn't possibly think I'd forget the piece de resistance, did you?
The cherry on the frosting on top of the most delicious cake:

Ahhh... The end.


  1. Miss Liz....I did silver and white again this year but threw in a pop of the fuchsia/hot pink ornaments on my armoire swag (mantle piece) and it looks DIVINE! With my house there's no other time/way for me to incorporate this fabulous color, except during the holidays. I'll post a pic on FB. XOXOXO

  2. Please do! I would LOVE to see it! :)