Monday, December 6, 2010

Silver and Black and Red, Oh my....

I should start off by saying that I think a real, live, genuine, heavenly pine-y smelling Christmas tree is the ultimate. I do. But, after a live tree mishap that ended with many broken treasured ornaments and water damage on the hard woods, we went artificial and never looked back. And I couldn't be happier.
Sure, I miss the scent that greets you like a seasonal hug when you walk in the door. But, I do not miss the watering, the trying to get a perfect balance to no avail in the tree stand or the allergic reaction to the mold living on the tree. Nope. I don't.
An artificial tree is not only safer regarding fire hazards, but much less maintenance and so much stronger in terms of what you can do trimming wise. 
A full and beautiful, traditional green tree makes it's holiday home in the living room. We've had this one for 9 years and honestly, people take it for real time and time again.

But, half the fun of an artificial tree is the options that are out there....and those are endless! Would you like a pink, ultra girlie tree for your daughters bedroom? Ok, easy. What size? A mini 3 foot accent tree or a 7 foot fabulously fru fru one? They're out there. Look what's available from Treetopia, for example:

Oooo, pink.
Our home has many tree's, big and small. The kitchen gets it's own small silver one  decorated with black ornaments and chandelier crystals. My daughter Eloise's room feels the holiday love with a 6 foot white tree. It's shabby chic dream to look at.

Two years I found a 7.5 foot champagne tree that I drooled over. I couldn't get it out of my mind. I knew exactly where I'd put it and what I'd dress it with. I was a good little shopper and managed to hold off till after the holiday s and got it 90% off. (I guess not everyone wanted a huge gold tree...can you imagine that? But I sure did. And I love it.)

Unfortunately, I can't say the faux, fashion tree obsession has ceased. No. Now, I covet a jet black tree AND a big red tinsel tree. Please, don't ask where I would even put them. I have no idea at this point. But, rest assured, someday I'll find a spot for one, or both, of these....

How downright Chandelierious...

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  1. I want a whole houseful of funktified trees, but alas, I have one this year because one tree + four kids is enough.