Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday: In the Mood for Mod.

Mmmmm...mod. Loving it. Really loving it paired with something completely, utterly un-mod, like a really weathered piece of furniture or a glam faux fur throw. Or? Yes, a gloriously drippy crystal chandelier. It wasn't until recently that I developed this appreciation. I was pretty exclusively shabby chic/paris apartment style vintage. Then, perhaps as I've (ehem) matured, my tastes expanded.
Nonetheless, as I find new spaces to decorate and tweak, I find myself leaning in this direction a bit. More graphic and less "fussy". Though, fussy has it's place, too...
For today, mod's the muse.
With this sleeker style, I love it in basic black, white and gray (with perhaps a shock of red, hot pink or lime green). These next examples reflect that, but search around if this is your preferred style. You'll find things in every color of the rainbow.
Here we go:

These retro chairs aren't only stylish, but super easy to maintain as they are made of molded plastic.

They'd be perfect around a dining table with this classic, clean chandelier hanging over head.

Can't really leave the dining room floor out of the mod picture, can we? Of course not! How about something like this groovy wool rug?

For the living room, den or home office this arc lamp is a standard retro silhouette.

Lastly, this pillow gently shouts "Yeah, baby" while oozing that Carnaby Street mod style. It also comes in yellow and pink. 
Room Service Retro Mod Collection Mod Face Pillow, 18-inch x 18-inch, White/Black/Blue
I added it to Be Chandelierious, too! Get your groove on, baby....

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