Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Eloise recently informed me that her favorite color is now purple. It had always been aqua blue, but apparently when you turn 7, things change, right? Right. So, purple it is! 
Purple is known as the color of royalty. And, no wonder... it's rich and regal. It sings with gray, green or a bright, clean white.  It makes for a perfect balance  between"girlie" and.. well..."not so girlie." As easier shade on those who might find pink to be too feminine, this color can make both men and woman feel comfy.
What's your purply pleasure? Pale lilac? Whispery grayish lavender? Juicy grape? Violet?
I prefer violet. That variation has the perfect tinge of pink and red mixed in.
Take a look at this one and you'll see what I mean. This wall color is by my favorite paint manufacturer, Sherwin Williams. # 6838 Vigorous Violet.

If a purple drenched wall is too bold for you, add a pop of grape with something like this accent chair from Overstock:

This pretty plum comforter set is also from Overstock. A nice blend of modern and feminine styles, just design/gender neutral enough...(and less than $60.00 for us thrifty shoppers!)

These faux silk curtain panels are available at Target.

As is this beautiful art piece on canvas, which brings to mind Spring in the midst of this dreadful winter we are having!

Nice choice, Eloise. Mama likes your new favorite color, too. Just might have to treat myself to some lavender roses now...this picture has me jonesing...

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