Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Easy Being Green...(2.0)

"Tommy" is over. (sniff)
 I'm taking the experience and the people and putting them in my heart and mind where they'll live forever and ever. Now? Time to ride the next wave. And? Blog, of course.
My friend Dan (from, umm, yes, "Tommy"...please don't expect to never hear that name again. You'd be wrong to do so!) is not only an amazing singer, actor and all round fabulous person, he is also quite the decorator. He's downright Chandelierious, in fact. Anyway, he posted a link on Facebook the other day that I think is grand:
New York's Monroe County is finally expanding their recycling program. Plastics labeled #1-7 will now be included in the County's recycling program. This makes me *happy*. Prior  to this, each time I had to dispose of something higher than #2, I'd cringe. And I mean really, there are only so many plastic Chinese food containers you can keep and reuse as psuedo tupperwear, right?
You may have noticed that Mother Nature is a little perturbed right now. That's no accident. No excuses.

Recycling and the general preservation of our plant is Chandelierious. And this is such an easy way for you to be...


  1. Hooray for recycling!! So glad to see the link being passed around. Happiness!
    And you are too sweet! Miss you!!

  2. It's so nice to be able to recycle all of our yogurt containers now, too! So much less in the garbage!