Friday, July 8, 2011


 A blank page or canvas...
(I would be remiss if I didn't begin that way, as it is the opening line of "Sunday in the Park with George."  It was too perfect not to.)  
I have been an absentee blogger of late due to a few things...a new nest to nest in and a new show to perform in, among others. That line from "Sunday" has meaning on multiple levels for me. It symbolizes a new place for me to call home. A new, blank, and yes, mostly white canvas to start fresh on. In literal terms, white is also a color (yes, I think white is a color, just like vanilla is a flavor).  It is pure, simple, reflective, clean.
In this new space I am calling home,  I find myself attracted to white. Whether repurposed or brand new, white things are finding a comfortable home in the nest.
This all white chandelier, complete with opaque white crystals, arrived yesterday.

It will hang over the dining room table (also white).  
Eloise and I (she has passionate opinions about design as well) are still going with that clean, mid-century modern, Jonathon Adler-esque type feel. We are mixing it with some eclectic other pieces, but that's the main style we're going with. That in mind, we went mod with this other little item:

The "Fish Hotel" by Umbra. How awesome is that?! 

The sofa mentioned blogs ago is "off" white, but provides that perfect canvas for other colors to pop off of. And the furry pillows? Yup. More white.

Personally, I don't love the vertical blinds that came with the apartment, but I think I am "not supposed to" really take them down. My simple solution was removing the panels and putting up an inexpensive cafe rod. I had intended to hang some wilder colors, but the white circled sheers seemed more...right. (Naturally, I reserve the right to change more mind!)

Lastly, the nest of the nest is quite white. My room.

Already having sweet dreams here...

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