Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two Words: Desk Chair.

Desk chairs? As in, task chairs? Uh huh. 
Tres Chic task chairs, in fact. The other day, Eloise and I were in Pottery Barn Kids. (even at 7 1/2 she is still a sucker for the pink, retro toy kitchen....heck, who are we kidding, so am I.)
Well, the first thing that caught my eye when we walked in was a deliciously furry desk chair.

(They are all adorable, obviously, but see that one in the back on the right? It's SHERPA! And fantastic!) I realize at $169.00 it's not the most economic choice...but, oooh, I can almost feel the comfy.
As one who parks it rather regularly at her desk, this inspired me to hunt around for more sassy, stylish but functional options.
At PBteen there were even more, even furrier, choices:

This chocolately, plush arm chair, and the flokati version below are $259.00. Not sure about you, but that is out of my budget. Looking at the white one I can't help but think how simple it would be to recover any wheeled desk chair with some luxuriously, Muppet-y fabric.

These next two are just adorable and graphic. And, slightly easier on the wallet, at $139.00.

Now, this one in hot pink and black below is fabulous AND cheap. And comfortable. How do I know, you wonder? This is my desk chair at work. It's from Target and it was only $18.00.
Form, function and fashion. Boo-yah.

(I still might find a way to Muppet-fy one for home though!)

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