Monday, October 24, 2011

Boo! All Hallows Eve's A Comin'....

Halloween is one week from today! I know we get excited to decorate for it around these here parts (aka, the girl pad). This year is admittedly different, though. There isn't as much space to hang spiders and webs, or put inflated blow up haunted houses on the lawn, or "gravestones" in the garden...
But, we got into the spirit anyway! We just "toned it down" a tad.

Pumpkins weren't carved this year, (at least, not yet) but we sure did get a lot of them! Short ones, warty ones, varigated ones, white ones....

Because we don't have ample storage space for holiday decor, I opted for a generic green, leafy wreath that I can tweak as the seasons and holidays change. Here, we used different black and white ribbons, lime green and purple skull ribbon, clip on jeweled spiders and Ellie's homemade ghost garland (which will be tomorrows post).

Sparkly pumpkins? Yes, please!
Sparkly skulls? Uh, huh. Those, too! I think we have at least six of these scattered around the apartment, and for $1.00 each at Five Below, I have no problem with that.

A hot pink skull sitting in daisies. Why not?

A china cabinet wearing a witch hat. Again, why not? Eloise found this hat in the dollar section at Target and it was too cute to pass up. But, since she's going to be a Monster High Barbie (shocker) for Halloween, I thought the china cabinet could wear it instead.
What did YOU decorate with this year?

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