Saturday, October 29, 2011


Ok, so it's totally cute, right?
But, what do you DO with a hot pink, lime green or peacock blue fake birdcage, you may ask...
Here are some off the cuff suggestions:

Put a fake bird inside.

Sure. Feathered, "realistic" version from the craft store? Why not.

It's the ultimate "pet" for your child.  Or yourself, if you're kitschy.

try putting a loose, messy bundle of twinkly christmas lights inside for an unusual, homemade light fixture.

fill with brightly colored, shatterproof ball ornaments at holiday time (or, really ANY time. Ornaments don't always have to mean "Holiday") for a fun and quirky display.

Birdcages: Again, Hobby Lobby. 
The "H.L." is a home decor mecca.

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  1. I love those birdcages! We're redoing our upstairs bath and I have been wanting a fun bird cage to hang in the corner. I'll go check these out!