Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

It's December 20th and we finally got the tiniest dusting of snow... which has since melted away. But, the sun is bright, so this girl won't complain!
Life is busy as ever.
I am thoroughly enjoying my "Tom Foolery" hiatus with friends and family and holiday cheer. I hope you are, too!
Here are a few pictures from our life to share... 
Ellie and I find this time together particularly Chandelierious....

(yes, those are plain old bows stapled onto a plain, everyday wreath.)

Chandelierious will be back before Christmas, but just in case you're not, please, revel in this time with your families, your friends, your loved ones...
 Know that they are what it's all about. There's nothing more important than the people you love. Less stress... less frantic pace... less pursuit of the hot toy... less excess. More love.
And, well, cookies. Always room for more Christmas cookies. Right? Right.

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