Monday, June 25, 2012

Fun & Easy Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July!

I don't know how it got here so quickly, but, here we are on the cusp of July already!
Happy Summer!
I love the 4th of July. No, scratch that. I love the days leading up to the 4th and the holiday itself. In my little neck of the woods, and I am sure in yours, too, we celebrate for a couple of days prior to the main event. Festivities including craft sales and street dances happen at our Town Hall before culminating in a parade down our "Main St." Titus Avenue on the big day. It's fun. It's familiar. It's tradition. 
Whatever your plans may be, here are some easy ways to celebrate next week yourselves!

Hosting a party? It really couldn't be easier than these fruit skewers:

And, how great does this look?

I love trifle.
Did I say love? Because I really LOVE trifle! The recipe that goes with this particular fruit trifle can be found here, however, I will share my even easier recipe:
I buy a pre-made angel food cake, any variety of fruit, cool whip and any flavor pudding that strikes my fancy. After preparing the pudding, cutting up the fruit and the cake into bite-sized pieces, I simply layer each ingredient one atop the the other until I finish it all off with a layer of whipped cream and decorative assortment of berries. I let it set and chill in the fridge for a bit before serving. It's always a big hit, and being angel food cake, it's not a heavy dessert. Preparing it with real whipped cream and homemade custard saves you from preservatives and other unsavory things, but, naturally, takes more time. Up to you and your personal preferences, of course, but a trifle is always a hit!

Bomb Pops are a classic kid summer favorite. Here's an "adult" version in cocktail form!

I love this idea below! This is simply rough cut fabric turned into napkins!

How about showing some 4th of July love on your finger nails? (That anchor could simply be swapped out for tiny stars!)

Lastly, any festive, patriotic gathering should have a soundtrack. (Well, honestly, I think life in general should have a soundtrack!)
Please, please, please, for the love of all that is Red, White & Blue, don't forget to blast some Neil Diamond "America." 

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