Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cheap? Moi? No. Thrify and nifty? Oh, yes.

It's Wednesday, I adore Wednesdays. Not because it's that hump day that carries you from the beginning of the week almost to the weekend, but because they are "half off days". Oh, yeah....
Tidbit about me: I love thrift stores. I mean, I LOVE thrift stores. The thrill of the hunt is delectable. Sure, it's always hit or miss. I could spend hours thumbing through racks and shelves and come home empty handed, but finding a Ralph Lauren tuxedo dress with $160.00 retail tags intact for $3.00 and change, is euphoric. As is scoring a used, but retired Blues Clues thinking chair for $1.00, cleaning it up, and selling it online for $80.00. True story.

This type of hunting is FUN! And bonus! It's harmonious with the whole "living green" thing! Recycling, up-cycling, "new to you", whatever you may call it, it's good for everyone. It's an object's circle of life, if you will.  1)Sally Smilesalot makes room weeding out her old sweater, donating it to a thrift store. 2) Thrify McThrift store in turn sells said sweater, whose profit benefits some sort of charity. 3) Said sweater has a new home with Jenny Jumpingjacks who thinks her "new" sweater is the cat's pajamas and saved a ton of money buying vintage. Win. Win. Win. Triple win.
I got my thrift on today as a matter of fact. Look at this gem:
A Ralph Lauren heavy weight poncho/jacket for $5.00. Yup. That's one I will turn over for a tidy profit.
Whether you are like me and like to look at it all, or you're just looking for that perfectly shabby mirror, retro kitchen set, vintage leather jacket or old teacup to add to your eclectic collection, thrift stores are the bee's knees.

*Salvation Army is half off clothing and shoes every Wednesday and most thrift stores offer half off a certain ticket color daily! Go find your local S.A., Goodwill or Volunteers of America. Happy hunting!

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  1. I was thrifting today, too. Soon all the good vintage Christmas ornaments will be out there too! You definitely will make a tidy profit on your find today...