Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tips-y Tuesday!

Today I present to you something simple. Something you likely have in your drawer. Something you likely have used at least one hundred times in your life thus far. Something that that simply rocks my socks.
Behold: the genius that is the magic marker!!!!
Specifically, the Sharpie.
I'm not sure if you are aware of the this, but the Sharpie, especially the black variety, is a tool of enormous proportions. Of course, it's dandy for writing with, for permanently marking random items with...yes, all the typical usages. BUT, were you aware that it is also magnificent at camouflaging that pesky scratch in your wood table? Or filling in that little piece of carpeting that's worn away?
Or using to finely detail something on that painted project you've been working on...
And play with the color choices! There are literally dozens. I believe I currently am the proud owner of approximately 30 or so Sharpies...colors for every project you could imagine. Next time you mindlessly pick up that old marker that's been sitting in your drawer helping you make life a little bit easier over the years, show it a little love. Sharpies are brilliant. Period. Go, color! 
Warning: Magic Marker Porn.

* to those of you that abhor the magic marker because your two year old just used the wall as their canvas. I feel your pain. I do...and next Tuesday I've got a tip for YOU!
** If you have a tip or two, please share them in the comments section!


  1. Lovin it! If you are real good you could refresh the air with those cool smell ones.....he he! I use sharpie on dark pants all the time from that darn hair bleach that flies onto them!

  2. Nothing makes me happier than a new pack of Sharpies. Yet another reason why I lurve you. :)

  3. ...or filling in a scratch on a new car, LOL. A week after I got my new car last summer, I was garage sale-ing and nicked the back of the car with a leg from an old desk. There was a tiny scratch and I colored it in with a black Sharpie....you can't tell it's there!

  4. Mine is SO not a chandelierious type of Sharpie tip... not glamorous or stylish at all... but as a homeschooling mother of a bunch of kids, I use them for color-coding absolutely everything so the kids and I know whose is whose at a glance. Also great for art projects with them! I too am the proud owner of a mega-set that I found half-price at JoAnn's. Gotta love those Sharpies!

  5. Great idea, Daniel!

    Bo, I lurve you, too. :)

    Oooo, Karley- great tip! Makes me wish I had a black car!

    Laura, yes, that tip is perfectly chandelierious. ;) That's the whole point. Simple and practical is AWESOME and I love to be organized!

  6. awww collection pack has 1/4 of skin tones