Monday, October 11, 2010


My doggies are basking in the late afternoon daughter's out on an adventure with her grandparents...I sit here listening to the workers hammering a new roof onto my neighbors house. I actually love that sound. Truly. That sound of DOING. Right now, it's the sound of some metal tool, clanging. It reminds me of some old school tool you'd hear on The Little House on the Prairie. Like, Pa is forging some piece of iron...maybe a new spatula for Laura and Almonzo's wedding anniversary.
Anyway, that's this home improvements. No big adventures. Though, I did get a surprise visit from a wonderful, old friend. Someone who never fails to brighten my day or leave me laughing, cackling like a witch. I hope you have at least one friend like that. (Thanks, Ev! )
The leaves are getting more beautiful, the sky once again is blue and I think pizza may be the order of the day, dinner wise. Some days, it's ok to do nothing but be.
Sometimes, that's where the beauty lies.

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