Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Color Me Mine Today is about color. Specifically, wall color. Once upon a time I was a wannabe Shabby Chic devotee. The mostly white palette tinged with the occasional pastel pink or green is gorgeous. Gorgeous! I still love to peruse  the books. I have the whole collection. But, it's simply not livable or practical...for me. Might be the idea of perfection to you and to that I say with gusto, go for it! Me? Not so much. For little old me, color equals life. Vibrant life.
At the moment my house is fairly recently painted. I say "at the moment" because I'm known for repainting every few years. At least. Call me kooks, but I actually enjoy it.  This current color collection I am enamored with. These are keepers.
The living room was once color-washed green, a custom specialty finish by the famous designer Elizabeth West Thompson. Ever hear of her? Anyway, it began to bore me, but I had a hard time being decisive about the next paint choice. I hemmed and hawed over reds and golds, different tones of green, before ultimately choosing a shade called Ornate Gold by Olympic Paint. A saturated, golden blend of spaghetti squash and mustard that was perfectly yummy with the rich wood tones in the room. (And yes, for me, everything is related to food.)

It's a similar story with the formally pale, but sunshiny yellow dining room, that brazenly became a bright, orangey coral named "Rejuvenate" by Sherwin Williams. It certainly has lived up to it's name. 
(side note: I love Sherwin Williams and will only use their paint now, but that's another post.)

I don't know who "they" are, but when putting color into room "they" say blue evokes comfort. Green is calming. Yellow, cheerful. Red, energizing, etc. This may very well be true. Technically. But, I don't believe in or follow color rules...or many rules for that matter. I do what feels right for me. Let's say a hot raspberry pink room is the epitome of rest and relaxation to you. Then do it! Paint that bedroom raspberry.
The color spectrum is endless. Grab some paint swatches and just play. And here's the kicker: it's cheap and easy! If you don't find it easy, I know a little blogger who does.
Today's lesson? Don't be a nervous nelly. Be brave. It's just paint. Life is short.
Paint it.


  1. Lovely. Paint. I cant wait to paint my own home again!

  2. Agreed! I painted my living room in late will be changing again this fall, LOL.

    I hate color rules. I remember some eye rollings by traditionalists when I painted my kitchen cabinets robin's egg blue. The same when I had a lavender dining room. There are so many beautiful colors out there. Plus, it's just paint--it can change with your moods.

  3. Wow. Completely agree. Life only happens to you once: color it until it's beautiful, and then shine it up!

  4. One of the reasons I love the house we rented was because there is COLOR!!! It is necessary!!

  5. dont forget to link to my blog B! oh wait I just did

  6. Karley, you and I are simpatico when it comes to so many things. ;)