Sunday, October 3, 2010

La Vita e Bella

Life is beautiful. It is. It should be. It can be.
No reason not to be surrounded by loveliness all day long, everyday, and twice on Sundays.
About me: Like many, I'm a lover of music, theater, art, good food and wine, my friends and family....
I also love to tweak and putter, create beauty and play house. I dabble in many things. I love to dabble. I'm a dabbler....and a work in progress. I'm taking a little jaunt here and trying something new. A blog. Who know's who will give it a look? But, hopefully, maybe a few...
The point of this little blog? To share. Share tips, projects, pictures, stories, ideas, maybe even a recipe or two...anything I believe is worth sharing. I'm simply hoping you might enjoy seeing me tweak and putter a little bit here. And perhaps...
might even like me to tweak and putter and create beauty here and there for you.
So, here I go...adventure time. Let's see what happens, shall we?


  1. Yay! It is about time, Elizabeth!!! I am excited about this :)

  2. Cool! I can live vicariously through your projects! =)

  3. Absolutely fabulous!!! You had me at beautiful!

  4. Elizabeth, this is 'so you' ! I think it should be the beginning of a book -- a photo study --. Let me be the first to order one!
    <3 lorraine g.