Monday, October 4, 2010

Chandelierious? Oh Yes...Chandelierious.

So...Chandelierious. Let's get down to it, shall we? I love chandeliers. Truly. I heart them. Hence, the name of this blog. Be it big and grand, petite, antique, crystal, vintage tole, reproduction, you name it...I love it. They are fabulous. In fact, they are chandelierious...and appropriate in any room. The natural placement choices are of course the dining room and hallway, but they are a perfectly surprising addition to the kitchen (kitschy), powder room (glam), nursery (charming) or master bedroom (romantic). Break the mold and stick one in your home office or closet.
Heck, in Elizabethville it would be decreed that every room in every home be required to have a drippy, crystal chandelier hanging smack dab in the center of the ceiling.
My home has 8. Yup. 8.

And guess what? I wish I had room for more!
At the moment, I am loving the chic simplicity of the black crystal chandelier.
Stunning for a hallway, powder room, walk in closet or teen's room. Oooo, think over the bath tub. Decadence. This one, I found here:

I'm also find the "tuxedo" trend quite beautiful. 
This one, from, would be at home in a dining room. Classic and traditional or whimsical.
My dining room, you'll see someday, is more whimsy than classic, and this would be very, very happy there indeed.
Your home needn't be be formal or fussy to make this type of fixture work. In fact, they are the perfect mate to modern style. There is something utterly gorgeous about a classic crystal chandelier in a modern, minimalist palette. They play off each other. The yin to the other's yang.
This room? A clean, clear, drippy light fixture would be just delicious. Picture it.

By the way, none of the fixtures in my home cost more than $50.00, old or new. Go hunting. Check the flea market, antique and thrift shops, online stores, and home stores. They're out there waiting. Just one easy, affordable way to make your room shine. Literally. Chandelieriously.
ps. today's coffee mug. Cheers!


  1. Cheers! I need you in my house. The chandeliers here could use some replacing. And I bet you would find a place or two to put a couple new ones as well. I have no eye for these things at all.

  2. Gorgeous chandeliers, Elizabeth. I am excited to watch how this new project evolves :)