Monday, October 25, 2010

Oooo, shiny!

It's not too late to decorate your humble abode for Halloween! Over the weekend I took the time to "window shop" in some of my favorite haunts (hardy har har). So many cute things out there to make your Halloween inspired, and yes, even stylish!
Not surprisingly, everything I was drawn to was covered in glitter. Yes. This lady loves the glitz and glam and even All Hallows Eve can be fabulous. Frighteningly so.
Check out these cute little signs from The Christmas Tree shop. $2.99 each...

Target had their fair share of sparkly skeletons and skulls, too.  And in the unlikely case you haven't heard, skulls have been all the rage for quite some time. I'm loving these... Post Halloween clearance, anyone? Yup. Me!

Of course Marshalls never fails. The glitter encrusted purple pumpkin and divinely  enormous witch shoes are a hit with me.

How great would those witchiepoo boots be filled with painted, shimmering black and purple "ting" (which is just the fancy name for colorful, curly twigs) ?
Go grab a few more decorations if you want...there's plenty of time. Or, wait till
Monday and grab it all at least half off. Just be warned, I'll fight you for the skulls and boots!

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