Monday, November 8, 2010

A Little Leopard Love.

Years ago I told a friend (yes, you, Kim!), "everyone needs a little leopard print." I still stand by that statement 100%. Maybe for you it's a throw pillow or a more subtle tortoise glass vase.  For me, well... honestly, for me, it's go big or go home. But, you're not me. I'd like to make it clear, it's not as if you walk into my home and you feel like you've entered wild kingdom. Though, admittedly, the first thing you'll see upon entering the front door is the leopard print runner lining the stairway.
                                                 Like I said, I'm go big or go home! 

Believe it or not, animal prints are surprisingly neutral. Truly! As daring as they may seem, because they occur in nature and are a form of camouflage, they blend with and compliment everything. If these striking prints make you nervous, try a simple hand towel in your powder room  or a zebra "skin" throw rug in your den. Or, throw caution to the wind go with something bigger and bolder, like this desk chair from
Here are a couple other things that might fit the bill...
This butterfly art piece from is perfect for someone looking for just a hint of print. It's subtle and lovely. There is actually a series of these available on the website.
Also from Overstock is this luscious, faux fur throw blanket. I'm picturing it draped over a sofa or the end of your bed. Ooo, cozy and plush!
There are endless options out there, from tame coffee mugs to wild comforter sets. Find your perfect balance as to what's right for you. Could be animal prints are just plain old not your thing. And I get that. My point is, if you're willing to try it, it's nothing to be afraid of in home decor...(says the blogger typing on a leopard print covered laptop.)


  1. LOVE leopard...A little leopard on the shoes or handbags never hurt anyone either :)


  2. Oh Karley, I know you share the love. ;)