Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tips-y Tuesday

One word: DISCOUNTS. Do you love them as much as I do? A good deal is at least 75% of the fun of shopping for me. I love shopping in a good old fashioned store, but really, the best deals? Are online. Everything under the sun is available online and everything under the sun is *cheaper* online. True story. Plus, who doesn't love when the big brown truck pulls up at their house to deliver a package? I know I sure do!
So, today, Chandelierious will share a couple of discount tips.

1. Naughtycodes.com. Literally hundreds upon hundreds of online stores and their personal coupon codes. FANTASTIC! There are a number of sites available that share this information with you, but this is the most comprehensive and up to date that one that I have used.
2. Are you a AAA member? If you are, have you taken advantage of their member discounts? Many are available in store, but most are for online purchases. Take Target, for example.  AAA members get 10% off their entire purchase every time. Additionally, Target often has web deals on top of their weekly in store promotions, like free shipping and/or 15% off a certain total purchase. You can often save as much as 25% off, plus free shipping with these combined deals. AAA also has discounts for Kohls, Payless, Kmart and New York and Co. among many other stores.

Bargains are just the bee's knee's. Hopefully these little tidbits might come in handy to you this upcoming shopping season. Any tips you'd like to share with Chandelierious? Please do!


  1. OMG Thank you!!! I Constantly look for online coupons because I know they are out there it drives me crazy when I go to check out and I see the spot for a coupon and I don't have one :-)


  2. I love me some naughtycodes too. And ebates.com! Cash back for shopping at the same sites you are already getting discounts at. Really works- they mail you a check. :)