Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mad About Monograms.

You've seen them...they are everywhere. About a year or so ago full monograms and single initials became a huge trend in home decor and personal accessories. Huge! Letters adorned everything from cocktail glasses to doormats to towels. While I like the trend because it's simple and classic, in my humble opinion, it can be overdone.  There's no need to have the entire matching set of "T" mugs, plates, trays, stemware and serving pieces. Certainly, I'm not here to tell you what to do. On the contrary, I am a big proponent of self expression. I always say there's no wrong answer...think of me more as a "guide" if you will. But, just a few random pieces scattered about are a lovely, personal way to express yourself.
At Chateau Thompson, monograms are alive and well and have been for years. There's a collection of old and new letters of different sizes I've found over the years displayed on the living room shelves.
Also in my personal monogram stash are a set of glass hors d'oeuvre plates that coordinate perfectly with whatever dishes I happen to be using.
I did a little bit of online hunting (surprise, surprise!) and came across some  choices you might enjoy: these classic hand towels from Mud Pie available at
Also from Mud Pie, these bottle stoppers are on clearance for only $4.99! 
Lastly, this cutting board set would also prove a decorative and useful addition to your kitchen.
(it's not even Tuesday, but here's a tip for you: These three items are available from the same site, are all on sale AND the site offers free shipping! Woohoo!)
Keep in mind, these items make wonderful, personalized gifts. A bottle of wine and a bottle stopper are a perfect way to thank your host at your next holiday fete...or, treat yourself. You're worth it...
and that's "C".... C for Chandelierious.


  1. so funny... I read this post then went to Wegman's and saw an entire display if these! Talk about being the moment :)

  2. Right! I saw those, too...actually grabbed a few things for gifts myself!
    I sure love me some Wegmans.... :)

  3. I am currently in the throes of wedding planning, and I can confirm that monograms are ALL OVER in the registry department at Bed Bath and Beyond, as I'm sure you can imagine. As a new bride, I thought having a piece or two with my new last initial might be fun, but I agree there is no need to have a great big "Z" all over all of my dishes! :)