Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday: Mad About Monograms, the Holiday Edition.

I have already waxed poetic the trendiness of the monogram. You've seen them. They're everywhere. But, some of the most fun versions I've seen lately are in holiday decor. That's a perfect way to explore the trend, something seasonal. It won't feel stale, but fresh as it's brought out only once a year.
Whether it's something personalized with your last name or just a single initial, it's a treat to have something labeled just for you. Children especially delight in something that says "that's mine!" There's no mistaking little Lulu's stuffed stocking on Christmas morning if there's a big "L" on it!
Ornaments adorned with your initial on the tree make it that much more personal and special. There is so much out there. One outing to the Christmas Tree Shop turned up these goodies:

These harlequin stockings are only $4.99!
Love these gingerbread styled ones at $3.99.
The price tag speaks for itself with these glass ornaments...
Ornaments to stocking to mugs to Christmas tree skirts...something for everyone, A - Z.

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