Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tips-y Tuesday

Today's tip: Command Strips.
Oh, command strips, how I love thee. You come in all shapes, sizes and finishes. I can hang a stocking, a wreath or a garland from you and not harm my precious painted walls, manicured mantle or delightful door. You...rock. Thank you for your genius-ness.

(and no, Command Strips don't pay to me endorse them, they are just that handy dandy!)


  1. I love these too - especially since it is time to deck the halls. The thing is I need something to hold mistltoe from an archway. All the options are too bulky.....suggestions?

  2. There are even "command" products for that...little silver hooks that dangle from an archway, the ceiling or underneath a mantle. That and some fishing line are a perfect way to dangle a little mistletoe! :) It'll come right off after the holidays, too. No holes!

  3. I love Command products too!

    I bought some of the smaller ones made for utensils and spray painted them with a Rust-o-leum paint. It gives them a hammered metal finish and makes them a bit prettier. It worked great! I plan to use the painted ones for a faux silk kissing ball in our archway...