Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tips-y Tuesday

Hello, there. It's Tuesday. Ready for a little tip?
You know those really annoying, clear, twisty things that are wrapped around your kids toys? The ones that take forever to unwind and make your fingers feel prematurely arthritic? These pesky things below?

KEEP THEM! You'll probably have tons of them post holiday, but if you get your hands on some before then, keep 'em. They are fabulous for hanging wreaths, securing garland and more....
I use them to hang the wreath from our lamp post and big ornaments from the Weeping Cherry in the front yard. 

They come in handy all year long, but they're indispensable this time of year! Next time you mumble something naughty under your breath while opening up a toy, keep in mind the sheer handiness of that plastic coated wire. Plus, you're recycling.
You just might thank me later...

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