Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Link Love.

This lovely Wednesday eve before Thanksgiving I would love to share some sites I think are simply chandelierious. They are all lovely in their own right. Please take a look and spread the love...

Juniper Hills B&B...this is owned and run by dear friends. It's a piece of heaven in all ways.

MacKenzie Childs...the company the creates what I believe to be the ultimate in home furnishings.

Parkleigh...a beloved, local store that sells MacKenzie Childs and many other unique and wonderful items.

Ballard Designs...this catalog...well, quite simply, I would like to live in this catalog.

Lollishops..."the fru fru friendly marketplace" or what I like to call, shabbylicious.

Chic & Green...a local blog written by my friend and neighbor Karley, who writes about all things lovely from cosmetics to donuts, with a "green" perspective.

Loubird...also by Karley, it is her beautiful vintage inspired jewelry line.

And you? Do you have a link you'd love to share? Please do!


  1. Thanks for the mentions!

    BTW, love the new background here :)

    Links I love (besides Chandelierious):

    The last one is very inspirational. It's written by a brave and beautiful woman who nearly died in a fiery plane crash.

  2. You're so very welcome! And thank you...just playing with the tips you gave me. :)