Friday, December 10, 2010

A Friend Filled Friday....

Today? Today is about friends and real time to sit and write about colors, chandeliers, Christmas tree's or paint., there's much to do and many to see. 
I just had a surprise visit with one of my oldest friends. She is one of those people that make the world smile. We laughed and shared a sinfully, ridiculously delicious and enormous sugar cookie. Aren't those impromptu visits sublime?
This afternoon, Eloise and I are going to another friends for our annual cookie/gingerbread house making date. Kids, candy, cookies, frosting...what could be better? Or messier?
This is last year's house:

And later, GNO with "my girls". It's time to celebrate. Not only that the holidays are here, but that I'm blessed with such amazing friends and family. Thanksgiving may be over. But, I'm thankful for that each and everyday.
Gingerbread houses, shared cookies and giggles with my girls...THAT, my friends, is chandelierious, too.

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