Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ravishing Red

Another day, another color to celebrate, right? And... I am getting a new car today  and it's RED! Let's talk red. Radiant, ravishing red. Tis the season!
Vibrant, sometimes racy, always classic. You needn't be told how to add this this rich color to your world this time of year. You already know how to deck your halls in red & green, but let's explore other ways to add a pop of this color.
Up first is... yup, paint.

The cherry hue by Sherwin Williams is fittingly called Poinsettia. Red dining rooms are somewhat common, but rightfully so. The shade fits the bill for a formal dinner party or a down home, laid back country inspired room.
Not so sure about so much color on the walls in your dining room? Add a little jolt with something like these dining chair covers from Pier 1. These are gorgeous year round, but what a statement they would make during your holiday party!

Personally, I adore red in the kitchen. It matches many decors and compliments so many other colors. I have splashes of it in my turquoise kitchen and the two colors play off each other well. Think bold red in your vintage, cherry inspired kitchen with a crisp white. Or, perhaps something more rich like pairing it with darker cabinets...but either way, this mixer would be as beautiful as it is useful there.

Throw some sassy red into your Thirsty Thursday bevies with this stemware, also from Pier 1.

I love this shower curtain from Amazon. The dots are charming and this would be a cheerful addition to your bathroom. (it also comes in my favorite black and white!)

See? Seeing red isn't always a bad thing.....

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