Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

Something fun, something cute, something sweet, something easy, something different for you today... 
My sister in law, the uber awesome Lorraine Hems is an RIT professor and sommelier. She *knows* wine and liquor. They're bff's. She can tell you things you never knew... and then tell you even more. My point, she knows her stuff. She's writing a text book. Enough said. But while she can explain the virtues and notes of the most expensive wine, she can also suggest something downright simple and silly, which she did with today's Thirsty Thursday. Here, from the one and only Lorraine Hems (thank you, oh wise one):

Yummy Gummy Bears! (these are *not* your kids gummy bears!)

*Gummy Bears

Put gummies in a glass or ceramic container and drown them in vodka. Just cover them to the top of the bears. You can always add more later if they aren't strong enough for you.
Cover the container and put in the refrigerator for a couple of days. The bears will absorb the alcohol and double in size. 
You can alter this by using other gummy treats like worms or giant bears. Also, tweak it with different flavored vodkas, or try using rum!
Guaranteed party hit!


  1. A textbook about wine sounds like something worth going back to school for :)

  2. Um, going to do this in the coming week. Yum!