Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tips-y Tuesday...

Tuesday, 1/11/11's tip? Random acts of kindness. Do them. They matter. They make someone's day. Trust me.
Cases in point?  This lovely gesture from my friend/blogger/jewelry designer extraordinaire Karley of Chic & Green, the Embrace Your Curves Project and Loubird Handmade....

Karley surprised me with this beautiful necklace yesterday for no other reason than she made it and thought it was "me." Her kindness made my day.
Or, take today... I was sitting behind the computer at my little part time gig when in walk my friends and neighbors Barry and Mary Beth. They happened to be in the neighborhood and decided to visit me... by way of the bakery next door. Ta da! Cannoli for lunch anyone? That's what this lady did, thanks to the kindness of these two thoughtful souls. A simple (and delicious) cannoli turned a busy, somewhat stressful day into literally? A treat.
Thank you, friends...thank you.
Random acts of kindness....pass it on.....

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  1. Elizabeth,

    You've been a ray of sunshine in the lives of so many people and are a gem. You deserved these little acts of kindness :)