Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter White...

The snow is falling...the dancing snowflakes look like diamonds.....
Ooooo, diamonds.......
Sorry. Lost my train of thought for a moment. Back on track, snowflakes are diamond like, yes. It inspires me to write about white.
I won't suggest that you paint your walls white (ever). But, I do enjoy fresh, clean white paint on trims and moldings,  especially against rich colors like corals, reds, blues and greens. It just... pops!
White is also a wonderful accent or focal color on furniture and accessories. Besides complimenting any other shade or pattern, it creates a serene atmosphere. Some might find it to be cold, but I think of it as soft and clouds or yes, snowflakes.
 At the moment, the idea of white lacquered furniture is sort of exciting to me. Something sort of mod paired with something sort of shabby. Hmm...I like it. In fact, I picked up a few vintage pieces that I'm considering giving the high gloss white treatment. Stay tuned, if I go with it, I'll post it.
What's your preference? Maybe A white pillow thrown here, a white faux fur throw thrown there...
Let's take a gander at some fabulous snowy white finds.

Speaking of faux fur, this throw is divine.

Simply Shabby Chic® White Smocked Duvet Set - Full/Queen
This duvet set by Shabby Chic is shabby and...chic! 

Ruffles Shower Curtain

Loving the simple ruffles on this shower curtain by Creative Bath.
But, not everyone likes fur and ruffles right? For those of you who prefer the more modern vibe, check these out:

These little ottoman stools are all over stores like Marshalls and TJmaxx. I have even seen them in white patent leather.

Nailhead studded, quilted white leather chair....uber chic in any decor.
Lastly, the epitome of snowy white chic, a rug that looks like sparkly snowflakes. (Yes, there are even sparkles in this rug!)

There you have it. White? Is lovely. As is this inspirational blanket of snow covering the North East right now. Beautiful, yes...but be safe out there you chandelierious people. Be safe....until next time....


  1. I love white. I'll have to stick with the crisp white painted trim, much as I love it, I envision dirty paw prints and spilled grape juice on it :)

  2. I love white! White trim and crisp white sheets, but alas, I have four kiddos so nothing stays white long at my house.

    Also, your beautiful blog has an award. From me to you!