Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tips-y Tuesday

Happy tipsy Tuesday! Today's tip? Get thee to the thee-ah-tah! 
Once upon a time I wasn't just a stay home mommy/blogger/wannabe decorator. I was kinda sorta an actress. Musical theater style. I am not quite sure how I got derailed and ended up retired.
In the last few years, I've started to get the itch again. I have continued going to the theater and have made a point to raise Eloise that way...her young life has been enriched by theater experiences here and on Broadway. It's in her blood, like mamas.
Well, I decided to dip my feet back into the theater pool with a pretty brilliant local theater company, Blackfriars. I will be in their production of "The Who's Tommy", starting April 23.

The Who's Tommy: Original Cast Recording (1992 Broadway Revival)

"Tommy" happens to be one of my favorite shows and I've always said it would be the one to get me "out of retirement." Couldn't make a liar out of myself, right?
Well, today's tip isn't really about coming to see me in a musical. It's about going to see ANY theater. Please, go...it's soul food. It's a beautiful tradition to start with your children, exposing them to this art. Be it high school productions or Broadway shows. I know it's not always the cheapest thing in the world, but think of it as an investment. That's what it is. An investment in your life, your soul, your growth, your family, your mind, your well-roundedness.
After all, the show must go on...

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  1. Wonderful advice! I'm so thrilled for you about this latest venture - wish I could be there to see it! Congratulations!