Sunday, March 20, 2011

Simply, Sunday...

The sun's shining and after months of dreary, weary winter, that's enough to put a smile on my face. So, this Simply, Sunday I'm going to share some other, albeit random, things that also put a smile on my face. Have a little look-see:

The Who's Tommy coming to Blackfriars Theatre next month. I am so proud to be a part of this cast! It's gonna rock. Come.

My friend Karley of Chic & Green and Loubird Handmade has a new site coming soon: Loubird's Nest, selling vintage home decor. I'm really excited about this! 

How about this silly hot pink, acrylic cuckoo clock I am obsessed with? This will be mine...oh, yes, it will...

....and last but not least, a little pluggeroo of my own....

 Don't forget Be Chandelierious  & Chandelierious Kids, too! Happy sunny Sunday!                


  1. I love that clock! It is so feminine and cheery! I bet even the bird has extra sass :)

    Thanks for the mention.

    Have a wonderful weekend--and fun rehearsing for "Tommy"!

  2. You're welcome, sweet lady and thank you. :)
    I could base an entire room around this clock...and I think I just might!