Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

It's the Thirsty Thursday before my my birthday. (Yes, ehem, I will be turning 27 on Sunday, ehem....) Anyway, the yummiest martini I have ever had is a very simple one, and one I think I will partake of during my special GNO birthday celebration on Saturday.
The Chocolate Martini. There are many versions out there, but my favorite one is the crystal clear one from Tapas 177 Lounge on St. Paul St. in the city of Rochester. I love it there! I love the ambiance, the exposed brick walls, the music, the food...and yes, this little martini is quite enjoyable, as well.
Theirs is a basic 3 ingredient cocktail:

*Skyy Vodka
 *Creme de Cacao
 *a single Rolo candy drop.  

Delish. I can taste it already. Warning: these are strong! If you go and want more than one, better have yourself a good D.D.! But, if you're trying out the recipe on your own, you can tweak the strength to your liking.

Enjoy & cheers...

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