Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tips-y Tuesday: T-Burg Style.

Tip: Try out T-Burg. 
The town of Trumansburg is charming. Like, walk up and down Main Street popping in and out of thrift shops, used book stores, chocolatiers, specialty boutiques and restaurants, charming. One place we loved in particular was a store called Sundrees.

 If you live in the Rochester area, picture a smaller Parkleigh, and that's what you'll find. From the exposed brick walls to the colorful, eclectic variety of wares, this is a boutique worth stopping into. Look at some of the goodies:

High heeled, cowboy styled rainboots? Yes, please.

Loving these aprons in vintage inspired fabrics. Whether you actually use an apron or not, a collection of these make for some sweet home decor.

These darling cards are made with old (unused) hankies! Fab.
And no, I shan't leave out the aforementioned chocolatier. 

Why, yes, those are chocolate covered kiwi. Yum. Available at Life's So Sweet Chocolates.
Next time you find yourself driving Rt. 96, slow down through Trumansburg...it's worth a stop.

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  1. What a neat shop! I'm going to take the boys to the dinosaur museum in T-burg this spring and will have to do some shopping :)