Thursday, May 5, 2011


So....yeah, mistakes. They happen. Chandelierious makes mistakes, too. I received the chenille checked fabric I blogged about in the mail the other day, and as soon as I opened it up I thought "umm, no." 
It just didn't feel right. The off white was more of a tan/beige. The black and beige woven squares looked more fussy than sleek. I knew immediately I should have gone with my first instinct: the black and ivory houndstooth. 

The houndstooth was double the price, though, and I was trying to keep costs minimal.  I paid $20 for the chair originally and will have put maybe another $100-$120 into it after fabric and upholstery. But, when all is said and done, I will have an amazing, one of a kind arm chair for under $150. That's not bad at all.  It will be a statement piece.
The houndstooth arrived yesterday and it's just delicious.  The chenille is so soft and drape-y it feels more like velvet. The pattern is large and graphic and will provide a bold back drop to a variety of accent colors. I'm really excited about it.
I'm not really psyched about having to ship back/return the 8+ yards of checked fabric, however. But,  you live and you learn and I'm lucky the company even accepts returns. Usually, you're stuck with what you get!
The morals of the story? All tried and true cliche's: mistakes happen and you learn from them. Trust your instincts, design or otherwise.'s too short to sit in an ugly chair.

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