Saturday, May 7, 2011

Derby Day!

Yes, I love my home decor. We all know this....but what you may not know about me is that I am as passionate about fashion. I'm not talking latest trend, couture stuff...I am passionate about great style. Be it something I find at Target, Neiman Marcus or the Salvation Army.
Like shopping for decor, I love the thrill of the bargain hunt. My favorite places to find clothes and accessories are stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx and yes, the thrift store. I will spend time on my love of clothes another day. My point today is that it's Kentucky Derby Day! You know what that means?
I must have been born in the wrong era because I love hats. Bigger the better. You could be wearing a paper bag, but if you have a fancy hat on? You'll be the most fabulously dressed person in the room. Well, ok, maybe not wearing a paper bag, but you get the idea.
My girlfriend and her husband throw a big Derby party every year.

                (my girls and I at last years party)

Party requirements? Appropriate headpieces.
Over the years, I have found my hats in places like antique stores, online (Ebay) or at those "teen" stores like Forever 21 & even Hot Topic. 
I've done feathers and fascinator's. Headbands and hair clips. This year is straight up, slightly over the top, vintage hat. Yellow, like the Queen mum on Royal Wedding Day. There will be pictures.

Here are a few examples of chandelierious millinery:

This custom one is called Miss Lemonade and is available on Etsy.

Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Hat, Disney
Absolutely no reason you couldn't go mad hatter style and rock the top hat.

You'd make quite a splash in something as simple as this veil and feather clip. Heads would turn. And really, when it comes to hats, isn't that the point?

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  1. I do believe I have heard of this party... I hope you had an amazing time and plenty of Mint Juleps!